For couples ditching tradition

Memphis Wedding Photographer


Sound about right? Then I'm your girl. I understand feeling pressure to have a big, traditional wedding — especially in the South. But take it from someone who's been through it: you will not regret breaking tradition and doing things in whatever way feels good to you and your partner.

The way you get married is completely up to you — Whatcha wanna do?! 

So you're getting married in the South...

* I'm based in Memphis, TN, but will enthusiastically travel to any location you wanna ditch tradition in!

welcome home.

You are safe and celebrated here no matter what.

Wandering Creative values inclusivity and will never discriminate based on what you look like, who you love, or how you identify. You're perfect just the way you are and you deserve a wedding that represents that.

If you're trying to escape the pressure of tradition that society and/or your family is expecting of you, you've come to the right place. I'm here to advocate for you doing whatever would make YOU and your partner happiest. 


"You absolutely fucking nailed it and maybe I’m just going to wallpaper my house with these pictures. You were so easy to work with and rolled perfectly with our ideas. The first thing my mom said when she saw these was, “wow she really captured exactly who you two are” and we both feel the same way."

- Neely & Ryan
Harbortown, Memphis TN

"Laramie is a phenomenal photographer! She made the whole process easy from start to finish and I didn't feel nervous at all. Excellent communicator, extremely professional. Not only did she produce gorgeous photos for my wedding, but she is also a very sweet person and made our photo session a blast. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer or wedding album."

- Nicole & Andrew
Harbortown, Memphis TN

"Besides the actual getting married part, working with Wandering Creative was the highlight of our wedding day.  If you're looking for a documentary style with gorgeous light, and if you want those sweet, secret moments captured, you can't pick a better team.  Laramie was a great communicator and advocate for me, and helped wrangle our bridal party with grace. I couldn't be happier with our experience."

- Caitlyn & Scott
Memphis, TN

"Neither of us are super comfortable in front of a camera, but Laramie made it so fun, easy, and made us look natural and not awkward! She captured the essence of all of the moments - the joy, the love, and all of the excitement of our wedding day! We love that she captured so many pictures of us in the moment and not just posed pictures. We recommend Laramie to anyone looking for gorgeous, artistic, beautiful photos!!"

- Stephen & Anwen
Memphis, TN

"Laramie is a masterful artist, but she is also a wonderful, kind human being who knows very well how to make her clients feel at ease and comfortable in order to capture them both authentically and beautifully. Not for a second in this process did Laramie balk at any of our ideas, however wild they may have been. We’d choose Laramie over and over again to document this joyful occasion in our lives."

- Barbara & JT
Downtown Memphis

Love notes


I'm Laramie (she/her) and no matter how you plan to celebrate, I've got your back.  I often work with couples who scale down their wedding plans in an effort to escape the pressure and tradition pushed upon them by society / family. I've even been trusted with secret ceremonies that to this day I haven't ever shared.

I am an advocate for your peace, your ideas,  and YOUR day.
That's a promise.

Let's do something Different.

I've photographed lovers exchanging vows everywhere from the courthouse to a cemetery — for real. I absolutely cherish each wedding equally because no matter how big it is, where it's located, or what the details are, it's meaningful to the people getting married and that's literally all that matters to me. I can't wait to hear about what's going to make your day special and how I can support you in  making it happen.

Give me as MUCH detail as possible! Your hopes and dreams for this session, international adventure, or sprint to the courthouse. Tell me what you need and why you think we are perfect for each other!

PLEASE NOTE: I do not photograph at venues with a history of slavery or servitude, or venues whose styles celebrate the aforementioned events.