Elopement Ideas For the Non-Traditional Couple

Elopement Portraits Memphis

I have great news: The concept of “Eloping” has changed! Of course there are countless couples heading to the courthouse to wed quietly, but does the elopement have to be a secret? No way, my friend :) Do you have to be by yourselves? Not necessarily. Can you still have a party afterwards? Of COURSE. I have some of my favorite elopement ideas here for all of you who are non-traditional, and looking to just get the thing done.

You’re eloping. You can do whatever the heck you want.

Elopement Ideas to keep it secret:

1. Run off to the courthouse with your photographer (me), make it legal, and take some amazing portraits afterwards :) OR, keep it even more intimate and book a private session (with me :)) after you’ve gone to the JOTP. Then you go on your merry and married way. It’s that easy! Just take it from these smiling, happy people:

Kim + Jeff after their Colorado elopement

2. Get yourself an ordained pastor, your photographer, and get married somewhere in your favorite city! I am currently getting details together for an elopement at a Memphis cemetery…anything is possible folks!

Tracy + Trey | Elopement on the steps of the Brooks Museum, Memphis.

Elopement Ideas to include your important people:

1. I’ll never stop talking about Neely and Ryan’s Surprise Elopement in Memphis. It was the perfect blend of intimate and inclusive. They told everybody that this evening was an engagement party, but when their family arrived they were surprised by the announcement that it was actually wedding day :) Two hours later their closest friends began arriving for the “engagement party”, only to find out it was a reception! This was a great idea for having a low key ceremony, but including friends in the celebration. I will forever be honored to have been their elopement photographer.

Surprise Micro Wedding on the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN.
Neely + Ryan’s ceremony on the Mississippi River.

2. Graduating soon? In the mood for a BBQ? People don’t need much of a reason to be social, so knock their socks off when they least expect it and elope at a party:

Glory had just graduated from Ole’ Miss earlier that afternoon, and during her grad party, she announced the wedding!

Elope by yourselves, party later!

You could always…get married in secret :) And THEN have a destination wedding, a huge reception, whatever you want! Having an elopement doesn’t mean it has to be you two and no one else. You can literally do whatever you want. You can fly to Memphis from NYC (Like Katherine and Pete, here) and getting married in your parents’ living room, then party later in the big city:

post elopement ceremony signing of the marriage license
Katherine + Pete | Pete’s sister signs as a witness to their marriage.

You. Can. Do. What. You. Want. Elope however your heart desires. The ideas are endless! Just make sure it’s legal, and that you have an elopement photographer to capture it.

Need info on getting married in TN? This blog is perfect for the legal marriage prep!

P.S. I travel :) Find me here ASAP!