5 Locations for a Killer Elopement Shoot in Memphis

There are so many unique spots for an elopement shoot in Memphis. Though it is a city known for its music, culture, and history…this city is so rich with creativity and amazing locations for photography. Your elopement in Memphis does NOT have to look like everyone else’s!

Whether you’re looking for the quintessential Memphis look or something more abstract and artistic, here are 5 locations that will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your elopement portraits:

  1. Let’s start with the South Main district: It’s got that industrial look, but with a touch of Art Deco flair. And there are plenty of spots to take advantage of on this street – including the Central Station Hotel and Ernestine & Hazel’s restaurant. You can also pop into E&H for one of their famous burgers and some dark history, if you’re into that :) The Central Station folks are super welcoming if you’d like to go inside as well and take advantage of their majestic vinyl wall.
Elopement Shoot in Memphis, Central Station Hotel, Memphis photographer, tn elopement photographer
Kim + Ryan | South Main St at the Central Station Hotel
  1. If you want a more natural feel, Shelby Farms is always an option. But one of my favorite places to do engagement shoots is across the street on Gardener – it makes for some really dreamy photos! Plus there are so many tall wheatgrass plants around that will serve as foreground elements. Definitely worth checking out!
Elopement Shoot in Memphis
Ashley + Drew | Engagement Session at Shelby Farms- Gardener Rd.
  1. If you want a more urban feel, try some parking garage rooftops downtown! Parking Can Be Fun has become super popular, as well as some rooftops on Second street. Channel the charm of the city with a bold and unique flair! An elopement shoot in Memphis does NOT have to feel cliché.
Elopement Shoot in Memphis
Memphis Engagement + Elopement Photographer
  1. Overton Park is one of my favorite places for engagement shoots because it embodies a combination of architecture and greenery – simply perfect! If you can’t get enough of those shots featuring the Memphis skyline in the background, head over to the garden across from the Overton Park Shell. Are you up for a little walk? Then the trails through the Arboretum are insanely gorgeous and perfect for some killer elopement photos.
memphis elopement, memphis photograher
Keely + Ian | Overton Park
  1. The side streets and alleys of Main Street offer so much drama and creativity. If you head north on Main, you’re in for a treat! One of my favorite engagement shoot locations is in the foot traffic-only section of this popular road. Local on Main, which sits right next door to the Commons Park is also a great place to visit. It’s not hard to find something unique and beautiful – all you have to do is simply look around!
Elopement Shoot in Downtown Memphis
Jill + Andrew | Alley near Local on Main

I hope you found these locations inspiring. Make sure to pin this blog and keep it as a guide if you need ideas!

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