Best Elopement Locations in New Orleans

waterfront of New Orleans from the historic 4th ward.

If you are planning to elope in the Southern U.S., New Orleans is the place to do it! The city is so rich in culture and is filled with majestic and magical locations to have that perfect, dreamy elopement. Being an elopement photographer, I find joy in being part of such an intimate moment between two loved ones as they say their vows and promise to love each other for the rest of eternity. I am based in Memphis but have traveled to many places to capture beautiful weddings and elopements. And while I’ve been to NOLA and LOVE it…I have yet to photograph an elopement there. Among all my travels, New Orleans in a place that has my heart. There is just something about the city that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another dimension. 

Having the opportunity to photograph many elopements in this magical city, I certainly know all the best spots to elope in New Orleans. Whether you’re a nature lover or prefer being in the city for your big day, I have recommendations for all types of couples! The places to elope in New Orleans are endless, so here’s a few:

Jackson Square

Starting off with the most popular elopement spot in New Orleans. It’s called the heart of the city and is famous for its colorful buildings and buzzing nightlife. If you’re looking for a place that perfectly captures the essence of the city, this is where you need to be. Located in the French Quarter, Jackson square is great if you want some Spanish architecture to be the backdrop of your elopement photography. 

And let’s just take a second to appreciate this architecture…I mean wow.

a photo of Spanish architecture in the French Quarter of New Orleans, provided by Ilambrano. One of the best places to elope in New Orleans.
Image by llambrano from Pixabay

City Park

City Park is one of the oldest parks in the nation and will therefore serve as the most delightful setting for your elopement ceremony. The 1300 acres of land certainly provides many spots for those perfect elopement photos. You’ll find many bridges, gazebos, walking trails and some of the largest grove of mature live oaks to have some intimate portrait sessions. The Botanical Garden is another spot that is loved by many eloping couples. 

Elope in Pirate Alley

The Pirate Alley is termed as a must-see spot in the French Quarter. Having a lot of legends attached to it, this spot is great for couples who want their elopement photos to be filled with New Orleans culture. The alley is one block long and gives off a different vibe depending on the time of day. During the crisp day time it will feel like a happy, chirpy place but as the night falls, it develops more of a cold, dark mood. 

Pharmacy Museum

If you are a history lover, I would recommend picking Pharmacy Museum for your big day. It’s an amazing spot if you want to enjoy a private, intimate elopement. You can have the ceremony both indoors and out in the courtyard. They offer different elopement packages as well, which you can peek at here

Garden District Bed and Breakfast 

Always dreamed of adding a Victorian charm to your wedding photos? The Garden District B&B in New Orleans is what you should be looking into. It’s a breathtaking elopement location in the city. Situated in the stunning Garden District, this restored Victorian home is more than just an elopement spot as it acts as a hotel for your guests too. 

If you’re planning to elope in Memphis, New Orleans, or any other place in the world, don’t forget to visit me here and shoot me an email! I would love to photograph your big day. Let’s get this done :)

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