Your 2024 Ultimate Guide on How to Elope in New Orleans!

Newlyweds run through Harbortown, Memphis, TN

New Orleans is known for its distinctive music, unique dialects, cuisines, and annual celebrations – notably Mardi Gras. If you are planning to elope in New Orleans, you will not be without rich cultural history, ornate architecture, and notable intimate jazz clubs just to have some added fun. One of my favorite NOLA jazz spots is Club Bamboula’s — you will not regret that musical experience :)

Everything you need to know about eloping in NOLA and some ideas to get you started!

Reasons to Elope in New Orleans (not that you need any persuading :))

The decision to elope in New Orleans is a great choice, not only because it’s affordable but because the city has so much to offer. You can be as creative and dramatic as you want to be. However, I told you I have some points to get you started, so here they are:

  • The weather is temperate in New Orleans, and flights are SO easy! If you plan to elope in Memphis, weather can be a huge issue…and it’s not a huge difference the further South you get, but if you’re going to pick a cool city and Memphis isn’t it for you, NOLA.
  • There are many photo locations – from the bright homes of Bywater to classic Jackson Square. 
  • Do I even need to mention that the food is exceptional there!? From Oyster happy hour at Superior Seafood to candlelit dinner at Sylvain, there are a lot of food experiences. And if you’re in a Gumbo mood (who isn’t?), go to Coop’s Place.

How to Elope in New Orleans – The Legal In’s and Out’s

  1. The first step when you elope is to contact a local officiant or judge. Select someone who has the knowledge, experience, and skills to perform a quality ceremony. 
  2. Contact a local photographer (or me, I travel :)) who knows the best locations to shoot your elopement and the best timings of the day so that your intimate moments can be captured perfectly. 
  3. Figure out the aesthetic you want, whether for your post-Courthouse ceremony or all of the above. You can marry under 300-year-old majestic oaks or in the French Quarter. It’s time to select a location that resonates with your dream location. If you need some ideas, I have a blog with some great ones: Best Elopement Locations In New Orleans.
  4. Make all the necessary travel arrangements, including your rings, legal documents from home, or perhaps 2nd line umbrellas. You can find all the paperwork and legal documents you’ll need over at My Wedding In New Orleans, as well as the county website here.
  5. Plan to apply for a marriage license once you arrive in New Orleans. Visit the marriage license page above and get the paperwork ready. 
  6. Finally, meet your officiant and your photographer at the location, and it’s time to get hitched!!


And if you think that Cafe DuMonde for dessert afterward is a great idea, I will back you up 100%.

Getting hitched in Memphis? Here’s my guide for all the things you need to know: How To Elope In Memphis.

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Whether you plan to elope in New Orleans, Memphis, or around the world, you need a photographer who will be by your side. You can find me here :)


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