Ideal Chicago Elopement Venues for Your Love-Filled Ceremony!

elopement portrait just before an intimate ceremony, shot by Wandering Creative

From the hustles of the downtown to the nature-filled oasis’ scattered everywhere, Chicago is an amazing place to plan an elopement. It has everything that you can ask for. With so many options, deciding where to plan your special day can often be hard. Fear not, my friend! To help you, I have curated a short list of the best Chicago elopement venues that are perfect for hosting your dream elopement.

a couple stands together, laughing, before their intimate elopement. photographed by wandering creative Chicago Elopement Venues
Chicago Elopement Photographer

4 Stunning Chicago Elopement Venues

Chicago City Hall

City Hall is a fantastic choice for couples to get married. If you don’t want to plan a full-blown wedding, having a quick wedding in Chicago City Hall is a great choice. Plus, it is a simple process once you know what you need to do. Before you plan your elopement at the City Hall, make sure to make an appointment. You will need to appear with your fiancé at the Cook County Clerk‘s vital record to obtain your marriage license, but it’s easy. As a photographer, this place is so ideal, because I can take advantage of the gorgeous interior architecture of the building. Having your wedding in the City Hall is surprisingly simple and an excellent experience!

Garfield Conservatory

Garfield Park Conservatory is known for its fragrant and lush spaces. It’s another of the Chicago elopement venues that will stun you! The multi-room greenhouse makes you feel like you are in an actual paradise. The hall showcases a fabulous collection of amazing plants (my obsession), hanging from skylit ceilings and outdoors. The landscaped Bluestone Patio features a beautiful white pavilion that’s truly perfect for hosting your ceremony. Trust me, your elopement is going to be super photogenic if you choose Garfield Conservatory!

DL Loft

DL Loft is an ideal Chicago rooftop elopement venue modeled after a Parisian apartment. The event space can comfortably accommodate 30 to 50 guests as well, which is also suitable for an intimate wedding. The venue also offers overnight accommodation for approximately six people. With a massive 20-foot glass window, the space is also styled with gilded antique mirrors and ornate candelabras. Additionally, it offers a professional chef’s kitchen, a DJ loft, styled rooftop, lounge area, and a French salon-style lounge area for your post-elopement celebration.

Lincoln Park Honeycomb Elopement

Lincoln Park is one of the most popular Chicago elopement venues for several reasons. The place offers some gorgeous views because it is surrounded by lush nature. It’s located a little outside of downtown. Lincoln Park is where you can easily escape the city’s hustle while still enjoying skyline views and urban flair! You can rent a space at the Honeycomb for the ceremony and plan your memorable Chicago elopement the way you want.

a couple walks along a rooftop together Chicago Elopement VenuesChicago Elopement Venues

Hope you love this selection of some of the most beautiful and iconic Chicago elopement venues. For an epic rooftop idea, visit my blog on some of the best rooftops in Chicago! Elopements are some of my absolute favorite experiences to be part of, and if you are planning something wild, I’m your girl!

I am also curious about what your favorite venues are in Chicago, so leave me some suggestions!

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