Some of my bucket list international elopement locations!

I am obsessed with travel. Currently, the track I listen to as I fall asleep is an In Flight track from the Pillow Sleep App. It’s the best. While there are countless places to choose from in the U.S., (you can find some of my picks here), there’s nothing like being overseas. And I was thinking the other day about all of the places to have an amazing international elopement, that are on my bucket list. Cities I’ve never been to, countries I haven’t explored. So, without further ado, here 5 of my bucket list locations eloping abroad:


Africa has a forever place in my heart. I have traveled to Kenya multiple times and consider it my second home. The architecture and colors in Marrakech alone are to die for. Travel to Marrakech to elope just for those reasons, seriously. I’ve ALMOST had my chance to go twice now, and it still hasn’t happened, but I know it’s coming! So, book a gorgeous Moroccan Riad, book me as your elopement photographer, and let’s go!! Here are a few amazing spots for eloping in Marrakech are:

And so many more to list. Whether you want to travel out into the desert, visit Casablanca, or elope in the gorgeous streets of the Medina, Marrakech has endless options for an adventure elopement.

a pool inside a Riad with beautiful colored tiles lining the floors and walls, marrakech, morocco- perfect for an international elopement
Thank you to DEZALB from Pixabay for this photo!


Italy is one of the most popular places to elope in Europe, and I don’t think we have to explain why. From the Amalfi Coast, to Capri, and even to the urban streets of Rome, Italy has so much to offer. The best part about having an elopement in Italy, is that the honeymooning becomes stress free. Who doesn’t want to honeymoon in Italy?! You can elope in the morning and go for a wine tasting later in the afternoon, or get married with your feet in the water on the coast. To be honest, a gondola elopement would be absolutely amazing. In fact, if you’re reading this and you’re planning to elope in Italy- I’m offering one couple an Italian elopement photography package for $4,000 flat. First come first served, you can find me here :)

sunset on the amalfi coast in Italy
Thank you to Mikael Jisander from Pixabay for this photo!


I was in Istanbul for 5 hours in 2018 and absolutely fell in love. My husband and I spent the whole time eating and walking around the Mosques. This beautiful city sits on the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait, so you can plan for an urban elopement, as well as waterfront views. I’m not sure how sought after Istanbul is for eloping, but I think it’s a gorgeous city. Imagine your elopement portraits inside the Grand Bazaar….I mean wow. And the mosques…this city is the perfect idea for eloping abroad.

photo of Hürrem Sultan Hammami in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, photographed by international elopement photographer Wandering Creative
Sultanahmet, Istanbul | Wandering Creative
the blue mosque in sultanahmet, Istanbul, photographed by travel photographer Wandering Creative
The Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet, Istanbul | Wandering Creative


A Cartagena wedding has been on my mind for years. I am fascinated by South American culture, the colors, the food. Any elopement, wedding, honeymoon, or a celebration of any kind is going to be gorgeous here. The contrast between a romantic elopement against an architectural backdrop will never get old for me. Whether it’s the tiny cobble streets with gorgeous colors and fabrics, or the Baru and Rosario Islands, this international elopement will not disappoint you. Or me. Or anyone else :) Plus, it’s not that far away! And there are so many things to do, that you can elope and honeymoon at the same time. The Caribbean is right there…what else do you need? (besides me :))

Highly recommended spots in Cartagena for an elopement:

Thanks to ShonEjai from Pixabay for this photo!


Last, but certainly not least: Athens, Greece. This city has a special place in my heart, because my husband and I had our honeymoon there! We explored the city until we had no energy left. When I tell you that eloping in Athens is a good idea– I’ve seen that landscape with my own eyes and there are so many photos to be taken and adventures to be had. If the city isn’t for you, but architecture is, Santorini is a quick hop across the water! Or, you can take a 3 hour drive to Kalamata, stopping in Corinth and Nafplion if you’d like :)

The neighborhood of Filopappou is the sweetest, most amazing little neighborhood, with family owned restaurants and side streets for photo-ops. It’s a 20 minute walk to the Parthenon, and I don’t see why you can’t just elope in Athens right there on the Acropolis:

view of the parthenon from the top of a hill on the acropolis, Athens, Greece.
Acropolis, Athens, Greece | Wandering Creative

Should you choose to elope in Greece and take a trip to Kalamata, I highly recommend Kastraki Meteoro, which is a gem. My husband and I found this bar through a travel blog as we drove across the country to Kalamata. We watched the sun set over the Messenian Gulf. If you’re down for an adventure elopement in Greece, this is one of the best places to be :)

Kastraki Meteoro restaurant and bar in Kalamata, Greece, shot by Wandering Creative
Kastraki Meteoro, Kalamata, Greece | Wandering Creative

Anyone a castle lover? There’s no shortage of moody landscape and architecture in Ireland, so I’ve compiled a quick list of the Top 5 Castles in Ireland for a destination wedding…you’re welcome :) As always, I am here for you and ready to board the next flight. Visit my contact page, find me on Instagram, let’s go on an adventure!


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