Elope by Self Solemnizing in Colorado

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Elopement is generally hassle-free, except that it comes with the requirements of hiring an officiant and getting the necessary legal paperwork done. But you can elope and self-solemnize in Colorado as Colorado is the only state that allows legal self-solemnizing marriages! Other states should get on that quick marriage thing, seriously. Self solemnization guys. Self. Solemnization.

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What is self-solemnization? 

Self-solemnization is a form of marriage that does not require an officiant, meaning the couples can conduct their ceremony and sign as the officiant as well as the couple. They also do not require any witnesses. Again, quick marriage for the win. AND, if you’re in Colorado and you want to self solemnize at home, a Living Room Elopement is ALWAYS welcome!

If you plan to elope in most other states, you’re required to have a legal officiant. But, in Colorado, instead of fixating on the boring legal stuff, you can make a worry free plan! You can spend that extra time celebrating and planning which beautiful place in Colorado you’ll get hitched :) Also, when you don’t need any witnesses, you can elope in a completely private ceremony where you and the love of your life can sit back and watch the sunrise. How amazing, right? *This is a bucket list elopement for me, so if you’re looking to elope in Colorado, I’m offering 2 destination elopements for just $3k. So shoot me an email pronto!

How to self-solemnize a marriage in Colorado? 

If you plan to elope in Colorado, all you need to do is walk into the County Clerk’s office on a weekday (which may require an appointment) with a photo ID and sign your names.  You can skip the spaces for an officiant and witnesses, and that is the best part about self-solemnizing. All you need to do is follow the rules and regulations of the state and be punctual regarding the submission of the paperwork. There is no waiting period and you can file it then and there. 

You can also get creative with your marriage license! Like having your dog sign the license… I would suggest you bring an ink pad so that you can stamp their paw on it, but you do you :)

Some fun ideas for a self-solemnization ceremony

Write your vows in a non-traditional manner instead of “in sickness and in health”. This is your chance to be creative, but seriously don’t worry if you are not able to write the world’s most beautiful wedding vow. I think that pledging your life to someone else has enough weight to it.

And don’t you dare elope in Colorado without having an epic elopement ceremony. Take a trek through a dense pine forest or taking off in a hot air balloon. There are no rules! However, all my love and devotion goes to the next Denver elopement, because I am ready. So ready.

While Colorado is on my bucket list, I also love Denver as a traveler. And I cannot wait to get back to shoot some epic elopements. I’m obsessed with cityscape portraits, they’re so romantic and moody. Any kind of urban setting for an elopement, whether it’s here in Memphis, or across the ocean in Athens…I want in.

sunset elopement portraits

Not sure if an urban or city setting is for you? Head over to see some of my Favorite Locations for a Killer Elopement Shoot in Memphis.

And, as always, come by the website and say hi :) I can’t wait to meet you and see what we can do together!

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